July 2017 – Investment Sales Activity

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517 KELVIN RDAUTOMOBILE PAINT SHOP, GARAGES, ETC.MINION HOLDINGS LTD.480867 B.C. LTD.7/4/2017$1,702,000 11,334$150.174,530$375.72Saanich, District of(SD 61)IndustrialY
501 KELVIN RDOFFICE BUILDING (PRIMARY USE)MINION HOLDINGS LTD.0480867 B.C. LTD.7/4/2017$598,000 7,672$77.951,905 $313.91Victoria Pest ControlSaanich, District of(SD 61)IndustrialY
1297 GLENSHIRE DR/ 2929 Sooke RoadAUTOMOBILE PAINT SHOP, GARAGES, ETC./ 2 ACRES OR MORE (SINGLE FAMILY DWELLING, DUPLEX)WOODSMERE HOLDINGS CORP.465529 B.C. LTD.7/14/2017$1,800,000 134,600$13.373,000Pemberton HolmesLangford, District ofLandY
1928 OAK BAY AVESTORE(S) AND SERVICE COMMERCIAL1928 HOLDINGS LTD.CERUM DENTAL SUPPLIES LTD.7/14/2017$1,500,000 6,667$224.993,213$466.85BC Assement has Net leaseable area as 3,213 SF.Victoria, City ofOfficeY
1026 COOK STSTORE(S) AND SERVICE COMMERCIALADAMSON, MARK EINARDR. CHARLES MEDHURST INC.7/17/2017$590,0002,022$291.79Tattoo ShopVictoria, City ofRetailY
1385 MANOR RDMULTI-FAMILY (CONVERSION)1123047 B.C. LTD. CHIN, STEVEN 7/19/2017$2,274,250 8,250$275.67$284,281.25 CBRE8 units. Built in 1913, Heritage Registered. Victoria, City ofMultifamilyY
1158 YATES STMULTI-FAMILY (APARTMENT BLOCK)1123042 B.C. LTD.668648 B.C. LTD.7/19/2017$4,872,000 7,200$676.67$286,588.24 4.80%$235,000 CBRE17 units.Victoria, City ofMultifamilyY
404 SUPERIOR STMULTI-FAMILY (APARTMENT BLOCK)FOREST PARK PROPERTIES LTD. WILTON, CHADWICK DEAN 7/21/2017$1,280,000 3,600$355.562,398$533.78$320,000 4.60%$58,325 Royal LePage4 plex.Victoria, City ofMultifamilyY
98 W BURNSIDE RDOFFICE BUILDING (PRIMARY USE)0704855 B.C. LTD.DKMJ HOLDINGS INC.7/26/2017$860,000 5,632$152.704,200$204.76Pemberton HolmesCurrently being used as a bakery.Saanich, District of(SD 61)RetailY
3130 JACKLIN RDMULTI-FAMILY (VACANT)WOODSMERE HOLDINGS CORP. PATON, MARGARET FRANCES 7/19/2017$2,550,000 223,027$11.431,100$2,318.18$11,486.49 Pemberton Holmes222 purpose built apartment units. 5 storey's. 29 one bedrooms, 25 two bedrooms/ two bath, 15 two bed/ one bath, 5 three bed/ 2 bath. Langford, District ofLandY
Neild Road2 ACRES OR MORE (VACANT)SEC 40 NEILD ROAD HOLDINGS LTD.METCHOSIN PROPERTIES INC.7/20/2017$1,634,000 4,313,747$0.3899 acres.Metchosin, District ofLandY
6825 VEYANESS RDSTORAGE & WAREHOUSING (CLOSED)SILVESTER GLASS (BC) LTD.0717235 B.C. LTD.7/25/2017$2,160,000 21,840$98.9010,770$200.56Colliers InternationalTenant purchaseing building. Rental Income of $123,987.60/ year.Central Saanich, District ofIndustrialY
9830 + 9842 Third StSTORES AND/OR OFFICES WITH APARTMENTS/ STORE(S) AND LIVING QUARTERSSIDNEY AVE. VENTURES INC.CKLP INVESTMENT COMPANY LTD.7/27/2017$3,580,000 17,988$199.0210,363$345.46Pemberton HolmesC1 Downtown Commercial ZonedSidney, Town ofLandY
2333 GOVERNMENT STSTORAGE & WAREHOUSING (CLOSED)1098496 B.C. LTD.375121 B.C. LIMITED7/31/2017$3,350,000 41,817$80.1120,799$161.076.79%$227,500 M2-1 Zoned Douglas-Blansahrd Industrial DistrictVictoria, City ofIndustrialY
106 ONTARIO STSTORAGE & WAREHOUSING (CLOSED)ALPHA 15 DEVELOPMENTS LTD.DAHLE, ROALD PALMER7/31/2017$1,760,000 9,425$186.74Colliers InternationalVictoria, City ofLandY
5120 CORDOVA BAY RD/ 5144 CORDOVA BAY RDPARKING (LOT ONLY, PAVED OR GRAVEL)/ SHOPPING CENTRE (NEIGHBOURHOOD) 643257 B.C. LTD.YOUR FAMILY FOOD MART LTD.7/31/2017$7,500,000 128,313$58.45$48.88$82,417.58 C-3 Shopping Centre Zoned. +/- 40,000 sf of ground floor commercial space. 91 res units. Saanich, District of(SD 63)LandY
004-379-098/ 004-462-271
104-2374 MILLSTREAM RDCOMMERCIAL STRATA-LOTMH & SON HOLDINGS LTD.586192 B.C. LTD.7/31/2017$863,013 4,032$214.04occupied by Alpine Marine Group.Langford, District ofRetailY
1075 GOLDSTREAM AVEMULTI-FAMILY (GARDEN APARTMENT & ROW HOUSING)GOLDSTREAM HOLDINGS INC.1088213 B.C. LTD.7/31/2017$4,043,600 87,120$46.41$26,957.33 Colliers International150 units.Langford, District ofLandY

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