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Map of investment sales of apartment buildings for 2017, 2018, and 2019 Clickon Google map viewer below to change layers. Toggle sales by year. For more information on any particular transaction, please contact Dustin Miller.

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Greater Victoria Multifamily Transaction Statistics 2019

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Apartment Building Sales Capital Region

A comprehensive list and map of multi-family apartment block transactions in Greater Victoria. The sale information is provided as a general guide only and may not capture every sale.

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List of multifamily transactions

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2018 Apartment Sales List

1645 Battery St4$1,250,000$312,500
2636 Simcoe St4$1,246,250$311,563
31148 Oscar St9$1,775,000$197,222
41044 Hillside8$2,400,000$300,000
52220 Cook St10$1,100,000$110,000
6217 Cook St6$2,250,000$375,000
71131 Collinson St6$2,175,000$362,500
8920 Hillside Ave12$3,200,000$266,667
9531 Linden Ave4$1,800,000$450,000
10819 Yates St209--

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