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Managing Broker - 8X Real Estate

Dustin Miller founded 8X Real Estate. in 2018 after working in the organized real estate industry in BC for 5 years.

8X is a real estate brokerage designed to deliver excellence to its list of exclusive client's. 8X is a company that actively listens to the needs of property owners, that communicates respectfully and thoughtfully, and provides solutions that serve the best interests of the client. We provide the exact same powerful marketing exposure as any other traditional agency, but as an independent brokerage we can deliver unique strategies and solutions that enhance your experience and ultimately maximize your return. Your success is our success.

If you're looking for something a bit different than the typical agency, consider 8X for your real estate needs.

Education Achievements

  • Exempt Market Professional - Investment Funds Institute of Canada (2018)
  • Broker's Licensing Program - University of British Columbia (2016)
  • B.A. Economics - University of Victoria (2015)
  • REALTOR® Licensing Program - University of British Columbia (2013)

What does it mean?

What is 8X?

8X is an independent BC real estate brokerage designed to deliver genuine and non-traditional approaches to property marketing. The 8 in our name is a very strategic number that has deep historical, spiritual, and mathematical roots. 8, 八,捌 offers balance between two sides of the material and immaterial world, which is helpful when we give consideration to both the financial and emotional aspects of each Buyer and Seller. One reason for the number’s popularity is because eight is phonetically similar to the word prosperity, or wealth, in the Chinese language (it’s pronounced “ba” in Chinese and is similar to the Chinese word “fa,” which means prosperous). I believe 8 is more than just a number, but it offers insight in the areas of career, business, finances and authority. It resembles infinity and eternal patterns in the natural world.

The marriage of 8 and X was only natural, in that X’s carry abundant meanings in almost everything we do (math, genetics, sex, spirituality, language). X leads us to a world of unknowns and known. X is the only symmetrical letter in the alphabet. Flip it horizontally, vertically or even diagonally it will remain the same. No matter what life throws at us the infinite patterns of 8X will be with us.

Below find our 8 mantras that we evaluate in our decision making and remind ourselves during our personal and work hours.

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Inclusion Policy

8X is proud to be an organization that champions diversity. As a company, we are committed to creating an equitable industry that is inclusive and responsible, which we believe will lead to success and sustainability. Our team and clients are made up of a range of visible minorities, sexual orientations, and genders. We value a range of opinions, perspectives and experiences.

We welcome and actively seek talent within all members of underrepresented groups. We encourage prospective clients and employees to self-identify status during the introduction process.

8X proudly works with community partners representing minority groups. These partnerships deepen our commitment and connections to visible minorities and immigrant populations.

Proudly Vancouver Island

We love where we live.