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Hi, I'm Dustin Miller.

The Short

Dustin Miller is the managing broker of 8X Real Estate. When he's not on the road, he is on his computer looking at real estate. You can often find Dustin at his office enjoying a bowl of won-ton soup.

Dustin is determined to improve the way we buy & sell real estate. He is ready to disrupt an industry that has fallen decades behind. The only way for him to make a real impact and change was to start from the ground up. In 2016 he obtained his Managing Brokers license and by 2018 he was ready to launch 8X Real Estate.

If you're looking for someone who's not your typical REALTOR®, reach out to Dustin. In today's world, following the status quo just isn't enough.

Those who've worked with Dustin note his responsive work ethic, access to data, and reliability. Oh, and of course his signature smile.

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Dustin has listed and sold a wide range of property types from small condos and single-family homes to complex bare land deals and mixed-use commercial buildings.

The Long

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial drive. At 13 years old, I discovered the online marketplace eBay. I began scouring my parents’ house for things to sell. I was so happy to show my parents that I could sell anything and everything – online. I loved making a quick buck so much that I started my own auction website. I sold cell phones, mattresses, and even a brand new ford mustang!

The website got a lot of media attention. I was that basement teenager with a money-making tech startup. As I got older, my responsibilities and focus shifted to getting an education. I moved from Calgary to the West Coast in 2010. What a change of scenery and perspective!

While living in Victoria, I noticed real estate was so entrenched into the BC culture. Everyone had an opinion on the real estate market. During my second year of university, I wrote my real estate salesperson exam. I thought of it as a great way to make some money.

I had low overhead, high tech abilities, and lived in one of the most expensive areas of Canada. It was a lot of work to get started. I had to build my skills as a REALTOR® from scratch. I had no family in town nor an established network.

I knew I was entering a difficult business and industry. Real estate is one of the few industries that technology hasn’t yet been able to disrupt. It’s an old-school relationship business. It requires years of networking to establish trust and referrals.

I saw the way deals get done were archaic. Buyers couldn’t find the information they wanted. Sellers struggled with emotions and organization. Agents were still using fax machines. The agencies had poor marketing. The rules and regulations governing how agents operate were antiquated. The service expectation was quite low.

I continued on the real estate pathway, craving to find a solution. I wanted to get deeper into the industry. I started out as a residential Realtor to get a taste for it. Then I got a job as a real estate analyst for one of Canada’s largest institutional owners. Then as a commercial land broker for some of the biggest multinational brokerage houses in Vancouver.

I realized that in order to innovate or make any meaningful change, meant I needed to start my own company. So I worked hard to get my managing broker license. And 8X Real Estate was born. I had the freedom to innovate in an industry that is so reluctant to change.

8X is carefully designed to be different. It is a real estate agency that believes in open data. After all, a more transparent marketplace benefits everyone. 8X is a company that isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo. Just because it’s the way it’s always been done, doesn’t mean it’s the way it should be done. We use technology in a way that provides value to clients instead of take advantage.

Clients choose to work with me because I’m simple, honest, and reliable. There’s no sleazy sales tactics or surprises. Everyone I come into contact with is treated fairly and with respect. I take the time to listen to your needs. I focus on finding solutions, not on limitations. You can trust that no stone will be left unturned. That’s how real estate should be done.


First Internet Company


Auction of Ford Mustang Online


Land Broker in Vancouver

Education Achievements

  • Exempt Market Professional – Investment Funds Institute of Canada (2018)
  • Broker’s Licensing Program – University of British Columbia (2016)
  • B.A. Economics – University of Victoria (2015)
  • REALTOR® Licensing Program – University of British Columbia (2013)

Sale Achievements

  • 18 hole championship golf course Victoria, BC – off-shore buyer rep 
  • high-rise transit oriented development site Calgary, AB – vendor rep
  • high-rise development land Delta, BC – vendor & buyer rep
  • 7 lot residential subdivision Victoria, BC – vendor rep 
  • townhouse development land Victoria, BC – buyer rep
  • 4-storey apartment zoned land Langley, BC – vendor rep
  • various single family residential sales across BC
  • various condominium sales across BC 

What others have to say

Jason Niles
Jason Niles
Dustin is a multi-faceted real estate professional who has a strong knowledge towards your needs and the ever changing real estate market. He is clear with his communication and keeps you updated on all parts of the process. I would happily retain their services again.
Valdelice M
Valdelice M
Dustin helped me get situated with Victoria on my visits from Calgary. I understand Victoria a lot better, and love my downtown condo. One day I plan to move to Victoria full time. Dustin will be the first person I call when the right house comes up for sale.
Diane Morrow
Diane Morrow
Dustin was a very patient ,professional and accommodating young man and the whole experience was stressless. One bonus was he included professional cleaning of my new condo and also checked out facets etc Another bonus,I did not need to drive! Thank you Dustin
Paul Pestaño
Paul Pestaño
Dustin showed himself to be a knowledgeable and attentive realtor in the purchase of my townhouse. I highly recommend Dustin for any prospective real estate purchase.
meenu joseph
meenu joseph
Dustin Miller is an amazing realtor !!! He has all the information you need at his finger tips. Quick to respond to any query...extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market in Victoria , Vancouver island and even Vancouver!!! Take him on as your realtor ...you wont regret it !!
Shyam Joseph
Shyam Joseph
Without exaggeration, Dustin is by far the best realtor I have worked with. He's very smart, very efficient and very responsive. He has all the information you might need at his fingertips. He's tech savvy and makes everything easy.
Colin Suggett
Colin Suggett
A local Victoria real estate expert. Knowledgeable and responsive. I would recommend him for all of your realtor needs in the Victoria area.
Joao Vitor Squillace Teixeira
Joao Vitor Squillace Teixeira
As a second time buyer, I could see the tremendous difference working with Dustin. I was new in town and looking for a condo as an investment. Dustin is very attentive, communicative and very knowledgeable. He was very helpful with contracts, pre-sale information, and housing in general. His experience shows and I was very happy during the entire process. I would highly recommend him for anyone that is looking for a place in Victoria.
Owen Sharp
Owen Sharp
Easily accessible. He brings a big smile. Pleasure to have him handle the sale.
Dustin was with me every step of the way, very knowledgeable and patient.

I'd welcome the opportunity to chat about your real estate

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What does it mean?

What is 8X?

8X is an independent BC real estate brokerage designed to deliver genuine and non-traditional approaches to property marketing. The 8 in our name is a very strategic number that has deep historical, spiritual, and mathematical roots. 8, 八,捌 offers balance between two sides of the material and immaterial world, which is helpful when we give consideration to both the financial and emotional aspects of each Buyer and Seller. One reason for the number’s popularity is because eight is phonetically similar to the word prosperity, or wealth, in the Chinese language (it’s pronounced “ba” in Chinese and is similar to the Chinese word “fa,” which means prosperous). I believe 8 is more than just a number, but it offers insight in the areas of career, business, finances and authority. It resembles infinity and eternal patterns in the natural world.

The marriage of 8 and X was only natural, in that X’s carry abundant meanings in almost everything we do (math, genetics, sex, spirituality, language). X leads us to a world of unknowns and known. X is the only symmetrical letter in the alphabet. Flip it horizontally, vertically or even diagonally it will remain the same. No matter what life throws at us the infinite patterns of 8X will be with us.

Below find our 8 mantras that we evaluate in our decision making and remind ourselves during our personal and work hours.

Did you know? Google’s main DNS server is /


GOOD Fortune







Inclusion Policy

8X is proud to be an organization that champions diversity. As a company, we are committed to creating an equitable industry that is inclusive and responsible, which we believe will lead to success and sustainability. Our team and clients are made up of a range of visible minorities, sexual orientations, and genders. We value a range of opinions, perspectives and experiences.

We welcome and actively seek talent within all members of underrepresented groups. We encourage prospective clients and employees to self-identify status during the introduction process.

8X proudly works with community partners representing minority groups. These partnerships deepen our commitment and connections to visible minorities and immigrant populations.

Proudly Vancouver Island

We love where we live.