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Rockland has Craigdarroch Castle, Government House and the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria all within a ten minute walk from one another. Rockland is a very mature neighbourhood with wide streets, large tree canopy, and castle like homes. You’ll be hard pressed to find a neighbourhood that is so quiet and grandiose, yet just a few minutes from the bustling downtown core.

Long before it was named, it was identified as a desirable place to live by Joseph Despard Pemberton, the first colonial land surveyor. Pemberton owned most of the easterly portion of what is now Rockland (Section 74), while the westerly section was subdivided from lands owned by Governor James Douglas (Fairfield Farm Estate). The open landscape offered spectacular views over Fairfield, the Strait of Juan de Fuca, the Olympic Mountains, Mt. Baker and the growing city centre. Oak trees and the rich blue of camas flowers characterized the area, which was rocky and steep in places. 

Victoria City Council recognized that both Rockland and Fairfield had significant heritage value and should therefore be exempt from “any sort of apartment development.” A 1943 bylaw restricted Rockland to “single family, no exceptions, development” but despite these edicts, that era saw significant changes to the neighbourhood as many of the large homes were broken up into apartments, boarding houses and nursing homes.

Today some of the large homes previously broken up into suites have been returned to single-family dwellings, and many more have been lovingly restored and have opened their doors as bed & breakfast accommodation. To this day Rockland remains one of the most visited and desirable residential neighbourhoods in the city.


Top Streets

St. Charles St
Rockland Ave
Belmont Ave
Terrace Ave
Pemberton Road

The Neighbours

Social urban dwellers who seek the dual value of vibrant, amenity-filled neighborhoods set against a historic and picturesque backdrop. They enjoy catching a yoga class, pursuing the newest inventory at the corner boutique, sipping coffee from a trendy cafe, and taking their dog to the local off-leash park.

What You'll Love

Neighborhood hopping, endlessly finding your new favorite restaurant, and deciding between quiet, ocean-side evenings and the vibrant bustle of downtown nightlife.


Car-free living, energetic neighborhoods, and balance between urban bustle and a relaxed, laid-back way of life.

Property Types

Downtown luxury condominiums complement historic neighborhoods filled with beautifully maintained Arts & Crafts and Tudor style homes—many of which were designed by renowned English architects.