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Wishart is a mature neighbourhood of Colwood. You’ll find single family homes on large lots, with many new construction homes being built.

The neighbourhood is directly across from the globally recognized Royal Roads University which offers a sprawling west coast forest, hiking trails, and access to Esquimalt Lagoon. 


Top Areas

Oceana Lane
Cora Hill Pl
Kenwood Pl
Wishart Rd
Terrahue Rd
Dressler Rd

The Neighbours

Social urban dwellers who seek the dual value of vibrant, amenity-filled neighborhoods set against a historic and picturesque backdrop. They enjoy catching a yoga class, pursuing the newest inventory at the corner boutique, sipping coffee from a trendy cafe, and taking their dog to the local off-leash park.

What You'll Love

Neighborhood hopping, endlessly finding your new favorite restaurant, and deciding between quiet, ocean-side evenings and the vibrant bustle of downtown nightlife.


Car-free living, energetic neighborhoods, and balance between urban bustle and a relaxed, laid-back way of life.

Property Types

Downtown luxury condominiums complement historic neighborhoods filled with beautifully maintained Arts & Crafts and Tudor style homes—many of which were designed by renowned English architects.