Regents Park, Harris Green 1010 View St & 1020 View St

Regents Park 1010 & 1020 View Street Overview:

Regents Park is situated in the Harris Green neighbourhood at View & Vancouver street. It is a single strata corporation with 2 buildings (unified, not sectioned strata), comprising of 202 steel and concrete units with underground parking. The strata bylaws allow rentals, BBQ, and one small pet.

1010 View Street (West Tower) was the first constructed is 11 storey’s and contains 77 units. 1020 View Street (East Tower) is 17 storey’s and contains 125 units.

The complex only contains two units types (excluding penthouse). The Ascot units are larger 2 bed/2bath units spanning just over 1,100 SF of interior space. The Ascot’s are South Facing (01,05) and North Facing (04,08). Floorplan below:

ascot unit regents park victoria

The Balmoral is the next unit type, spanning approximately 950 SF it’s smaller than the Ascot but still offers generous 2bed/2bath layout. The Balmorals are West Facing (02,06) and East Facing (03,07). Typical floorplan below:

Regents Park Sales Performance 2017/2018

Regents Park has very low turnover for a building of its size, reflecting the general happiness of residents and owners.

Prices in this building have been far lower to new construction condos in the neighbourhood often fetching $600-$800/SF. This is largely due to that many units and interiors are out-dated and have not been renovated from the 1990’s. Pink linoleum, pink paints, and pink countertops are commonplace. The strata corporation also has a no hard surface flooring bylaw which prevents a large number of residents from upgrading to a modern and clean look. Updating a unit allows Buyer’s to achieve superior unit sizes, layout, and location for a good price.

We can see a very small differential in price between the two types of unit as they both offer 2bed/2bath, 1 limited common property parking stall, and secure storage unit.

The larger Ascot units are now averaging a sales price of approx. $530,000 and sell quickly. Strata fee’s on these units are approx. $0.41/sf or $455. These units don’t come up nearly as often as the Balmoral units.

2017 2018
Avg List  $459,900  $532,800
Avg Sold  $466,000  $528,667
Avg DOM 1 19

The smaller Balmoral units are very popular among buyers for personal use of rental investment. The average sale price is now approximately $525,000. Strata fee’s are approx $0.41/SF or $393.

2017 2018
Avg List  $460,729  $509,300
Avg Sold  $463,571  $524,733
Avg DOM 21 6

If you’re considering Selling or Buying a unit at Regent’s Park, please contact Dustin Miller for a professional consultation.

Statistics from Victoria Real Estate Board MLS®.

Regents Park 2017, 2018 Sales Stats

Unit #Street #streetPrice ListPrice SoldLot Size SFBedroomBathdate_listdate_soldDOMStrata FeeAsssessed value
2051020View $479,900 470000 1,265 222018-04-25Pending15$455 $417,000
16011020View $623,500 623500 1,107 222018-05-09Pending9$455 $599,000
2071010View $429,900 $421,000 948222017-08-162017-10-309$363 $365,000
7071020View $459,900 $445,000 948222017-05-042017-11-0157$364 $395,000
6081010View $459,500 $450,000 1,147 222017-01-142017-03-0133$383 $433,000
8061020View $447,000 $458,000 948222017-07-272017-12-0114$364 $377,000
13031020View $459,900 $462,000 968222017-01-112017-02-2821$331 $422,000
6051020View $459,900 $466,000 1,106 222017-04-032017-04-281$421 $397,000
7061020View $459,900 485200948222018-02-082018-05-157$364 $426,000
2031010View $469,000 490000940222018-02-192018-04-162$363 $408,000
10061010View $469,900 $490,000 1,056 222017-07-062017-09-298$363 $389,000
6051010View $495,000 492500 1,107 222018-03-082018-06-0132$455 $455,000
10021010View $499,000 $519,000 1,055 222017-10-052017-11-018$364 $419,000
12021020View $599,000 599000948222018-03-082018-05-248$393 $498,000
Regents Park 1010 View St and 1020 View St Victoria BC.

Historical Unit Sales for 1010 View

1010 View Street Historical Purchases

UnitStreet NumberStreet NameDateAmountPID                                                                 
1011010VIEW ST12/13/2016$473,500017-416-060
2011010VIEW ST02/27/2015$360,000017-416-078
2021010VIEW ST08/29/2002$168,500017-416-086
2031010VIEW ST04/16/2018$490,000017-416-094
2041010VIEW ST09/01/2016$390,000017-416-108
2051010VIEW ST11/30/2012$300,000017-416-116
2061010VIEW ST03/07/2014$318,000017-416-124
2071010VIEW ST10/30/2017$421,000017-416-132
2081010VIEW ST03/15/2004$225,000017-416-141
3011010VIEW ST07/22/2016$450,000017-416-159
3021010VIEW ST06/14/2013$318,000017-416-167
3031010VIEW ST06/20/2014$320,000017-416-175
3041010VIEW ST05/30/2005$240,000017-416-183
3051010VIEW ST12/21/2001$165,000017-416-191
3061010VIEW ST09/04/2007$338,000017-416-205
3071010VIEW ST05/29/2015$324,250017-416-213
3081010VIEW ST06/13/2008$358,000017-416-221
4011010VIEW ST09/23/2015$335,000017-416-230
4021010VIEW ST10/02/2008$0017-416-248
4031010VIEW ST01/17/2011$352,000017-416-256
4041010VIEW ST02/26/1992$166,000017-416-264
4051010VIEW ST11/14/1997$168,000017-416-272
4061010VIEW ST05/10/2012$313,000017-416-281
4071010VIEW ST06/28/2000$159,000017-416-299
4081010VIEW ST11/28/2011$342,000017-416-302
5011010VIEW ST04/14/2014$330,938017-416-311
5021010VIEW ST07/04/2016$0017-416-329
5031010VIEW ST05/31/2007$327,000017-416-337
5041010VIEW ST03/31/2006$285,000017-416-345
5051010VIEW ST02/26/1998$167,000017-416-353
5061010VIEW ST03/15/2004$218,000017-416-361
5071010VIEW ST03/31/2016$333,888017-416-370
5081010VIEW ST10/12/2001$181,300017-416-388
6011010VIEW ST08/29/1991$178,000017-416-396
6021010VIEW ST12/30/1991$174,500017-416-400
6031010VIEW ST04/15/2008$330,000017-416-418
6041010VIEW ST05/12/2005$284,000017-416-426
6051010VIEW ST05/25/2018$492,500017-416-434
6061010VIEW ST04/08/2016$345,000017-416-442
6071010VIEW ST11/30/2001$165,000017-416-451
6081010VIEW ST03/01/2017$450,000017-416-469
7011010VIEW ST08/28/2003$234,900017-416-477
7021010VIEW ST04/02/2015$349,000017-416-485
7031010VIEW ST08/31/2006$325,000017-416-493
7041010VIEW ST11/29/2013$170,000017-416-507
7051010VIEW ST08/15/2008$396,000017-416-515
7061010VIEW ST09/29/2005$309,000017-416-523
7071010VIEW ST01/29/1993$170,000017-416-531
7081010VIEW ST10/23/1991$198,000017-416-540
8011010VIEW ST08/14/2008$400,000017-416-558
8021010VIEW ST05/31/2013$359,900017-416-566
8031010VIEW ST07/31/2003$219,000017-416-574
8041010VIEW ST06/27/2007$164,000017-416-582
8051010VIEW ST06/02/2014$323,150017-416-591
8061010VIEW ST03/01/2011$350,000017-416-604
8071010VIEW ST11/08/2013$340,000017-416-612
8081010VIEW ST08/12/1998$0017-416-621
9011010VIEW ST01/31/2012$194,000017-416-671
9021010VIEW ST11/30/1992$181,852017-416-698
9031010VIEW ST07/07/1997$178,000017-416-701
9041010VIEW ST01/31/2011$375,000017-416-710
9051010VIEW ST10/23/2014$331,000017-416-728
9061010VIEW ST02/15/2013$320,000017-416-736
9071010VIEW ST06/26/2002$202,500017-416-744
9081010VIEW ST08/25/2000$195,000017-416-752
10011010VIEW ST02/28/2007$355,000017-416-761
10021010VIEW ST11/01/2017$519,000017-416-779
10031010VIEW ST02/17/2011$360,000017-416-787
10041010VIEW ST09/30/1993$186,915017-416-795
10051010VIEW ST12/28/2005$299,000017-416-809
10061010VIEW ST09/29/2017$490,000017-416-817
10071010VIEW ST12/17/2007$385,000017-416-825
10081010VIEW ST04/01/1999$191,250017-416-833
11011010VIEW ST06/30/2004$0017-416-841
11021010VIEW ST04/24/2013$656,000017-416-850
11031010VIEW ST04/01/1996$367,000017-416-868
11041010VIEW ST11/06/2013$682,000017-416-876