Victoria Cannabis Applications

Updated Nov 14, 2017.

The following are Cannabis Retailers that are undertaking the re-zoning process to become a Storefront Cannabis Retailer.

NEW: The 400m buffer was passed at Committee and has since been ratified. Staff will now review all applications as per the 400m buffer, while noting in reports that the previous buffer was 200m.

Approved Applications:

  • Farmacy – 3055 Scott
  • Trees – 546 Yates
  • Trees – 695 Alpha
  • Cloud 9 – 778 Fort
  • Herb Collins – 1010 Cook Street
  • Medijuana – 851 Johnson Street
  • AAA Dispensary – 2639 Quadra
  • Buds & Leaves – 732 Tyee (Temporary Use Permit 3 year)
  • Framacy – 1402 Douglas Street
  • VICS – 853 Cormorant St

Rejected Applications:

  • Leaf – 950 Yates
  • Leaf – 313 Cook
  • Green Dragon Medicinal Society – 541 Herald
  • Shadow Mountain – 543 Herald
  • Melttown –  2650 Quadra
  • 608 Johnson
  • Fivestar – 2622 Douglas Street
  • Trees – 2610 Rock Bay Avenue

Pending Applications:

  • 2610 Rock Bay Ave
  • 1040 North Park Street
  • 603 Gorge Road East
  • 475 Gorge Road East
  • 608 Esquimalt Road
  • 2612-2626 Douglas Street
  • 1601 Douglas Street
  • 1725 Cook Street
  • 2612 Bridge Street
  • 2650 Quadra Street
  • 2639-2641 Quadra Street
  • 3175 Harriet Road
  • 2018-2030 Douglas Street
  • 826 Johnson Street
  • 1040 Fort Street
  • 1545 Fort Street
  • 3198 Quadra Street
  • 2520 Turner Street

The cost for the rezoning application process is $7,500.
The Business Licence fee is $5,000 for all businesses with cannabis onsite; for those with no cannabis onsite it is $500.

Cannabis Business Licences will not be approved until the Rezoning Application is approved

If you would like to find a qualifying location for your marijuana retail business contact Dustin Miller.

The following points summarize actions that have occurred to Aug 2, 2017:

  • Thirty (30) operating businesses have applied for rezoning
  • Three (3) not open businesses have applied for rezoning
  • Six (6) operating businesses have not applied for rezoning or a business license
  • Two (2) operating businesses have closed
  • Thirty-four (34) businesses have applied for a business licence
  • One (1) business licence has been issued
  • Four (4) have received rezoning and four (4) are close to receiving their business licences
  • Three (3) new dispensaries have opened since September 2016 and not applied forrezoning or a business licence, and continue to operate
  • Two (2) applications have been denied
  • Thirty-five (35) businesses are being inspected for compliance with operating regulations
  • Thirty-nine (39) tickets have been issued
  • Two (2) businesses are permitting consumption on their premises; enforcement is underway


Key considerations:

    1. A storefront cannabis retailer should be in an established or planned retail location to minimize nuisance to nearby residential neighbours. This may be within a large urban village or town centre as identified in the Official Community Plan, within a commercial area identified in a neighbourhood plan or in a location zoned for other retail use.
  1. A storefront cannabis retailer should be at least 200 m 400 m (in a straight line from closest lot line to closest lot line) from a public or independent elementary, middle or secondary school.
    1. A storefront cannabis retailer should be at least 200 m 400 m (in a straight line from closest lot line to closest lot line) from another lot where a storefront cannabis retailer is permitted, whether or not a storefront cannabis retailer is active or not. A reduced distance may be warranted in locations such as a large urban village, town centre or Downtown.

There are three categories of medical cannabis businesses in Victoria:

  • Storefront Cannabis Retail: A retail business where cannabis is sold or provided to a person who attends the premises.
  • Cannabis-Related (Cannabis Onsite): A business where cannabis is: promoted, advocated, paraphernalia used in the consumption of cannabis is sold or provided, and cannabis is stored onsite.
  • Cannabis-Related (No Cannabis Onsite): A business where cannabis is promoted, advocated, and/or where paraphernalia used in the consumption of cannabis is sold or provided.

    For more information on Rezoning and Business Licensing for Medical Cannabis Businesses visit the City of Victoria website, or contact Dustin Miller for updated information. I can also provide extraction, warehousing, and production sites that comply with municipal zoning regulations.