Construction begins for 5 passive house green homes in Cordova Bay

New passive house standard homes coming to Cordova Bay.


Beespot Neighbourhood Ltd. lead by Nino Barbon has begun construction for the 5 lot single family subdivision at 5197 Del Monte Ave in Cordova Bay.

The 1 acre lot was zoned A1 (Rural Zone) and was a holdout in the suburban bedroom community that flourished in the 70’s and 80’s. Mr. Barbon purchased the 1 acre lot for $1,775,000 in April 2017 by way of an off-market deal.

The property was successfully rezoned by Nino Barbon to RS-8 in September, 2018. Previous owners had made attempts to develop the property — with a proposal for three houses in 2013 and four in 2014.

Each house will be two storeys with a flat roof and a secondary suite, with passive house technology that will reduce power consumption by 90 per cent compared to traditional homes. Solar panels (either Tesla solar roof tiles or photovoltaic) will cover the roof and the homes will tie into the power grid. Rainwater will be captured and stored to water the garden and grey water will be captured to flush the toilets.

For more information on the development visit Beespot 1.0 website.



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