Vera Eleanora Wille (1926-2017) and her husband Frank Wille (1925-2004) immigrated to Canada in 1953 from Germany, and established a successful car dealership business and amassed a real-estate portfolio. Their 9 children have decided to divest of 3 apartment buildings in Greater Victoria and release a large capital gain. Vera’s legacy has been recently celebrated at the Downtown Victoria YMCA with an exercise area named in her honour.

Building Address Seller Buyer Sale Price Lot Size Age Unit
Lady harley 3234 Quadra Vera Wille D.D. 3220 & 3234 QUADRA APARTMENTS LTD $34,500,000 122,091 1973 141
Lord Harley 3220 Quadra Vera Wille
Royal Beach 626 Dallas Vera Wille DANBAR 628 DALLAS APARTMENTS LTD $8,250,000 13,937 1963 31


The portfolio contained a large 2.8 acre property at Quadra & Tolmie in Saanich with two apartment buildings offering approximately 141 suites. The other property was located along the Dallas Road waterfront in Fairfield at 628 Dallas Road. Both transacted on October 22, 2018 for a total of $42,750,000 to a Vancouver based investor. The sale was brokered by CBRE.


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