(Updated) 70 residential units, 12 storey’s proposed at Esquimalt Rd & Head St


Update July 2019
The proposal has gone through 2 readings at City Council. At the most recent meeting City Council urged Lexi Group to go back to the community for more input prior to issuing approval. The application has evolved to include a 2 storey urgent medical care clinic on the main level. The big hiccup with the community is the 12 storey height.

In June 2018 the Esquimalt OCP was updated with a height limit of 6-storeys. Lexi purchased the property when the prior OCP suggested heights of up to 12-storey’s.

Council passed a motion to encourage the demolition of the existing building.

For more information on the latest: https://www.vicnews.com/news/township-of-esquimalt-puts-12-storey-development-on-hold/

1104488 B.C. LTD. a division of Vancouver based Lexi Group has submitted a rezoning application to the City of Esquimalt for its property at 899 Esquimalt Road, located at the SE corner of Esquimalt Road & Head Street.

The proposed 12 storey tower will offer 70 residential dwellings on floors 2-12, and 3 townhome units with commercial space on the podium. A second floor terrace facing North will be available for residents. The properties slope and height would grant it unobstructed views of Victoria’s Harbour.

Land Size 14,639 Sq FT
Proposed FSR 3.9
Buildable SF 57,082 sq FT
Parking Ratio 1.25 /unit
Unit sizes 625 – 890 Sq FT
Land Assessed Value $1,738,000
OCP Designation Commercial – Mixed Use

The OCP proposed up to 12 storey’s on this site at the time Lexi group purchased the lands. Consistent with the proposal and other nearby developments. However, the recent June update to Esquimalt OCP had seen the height limitation set to 6 storey’s across the municpality. 

Since the proposal exceed a 3.0 FSR, the 0.9 additional density triggers additional amenity contributions. The applicant has not yet disclosed their CAC’s.

 Photo: Feb 6, 2018.


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