CMHC Qualification Metrics change effective July 1, 2020


The modifications have to do with debt service ratios and credit score requirements

• Gross debt service (GDS) ratios must be under 35, down from 39

• Total debt service (TDS) ratios must be under 42, down from 44

• Borrower’s credit score must be at least 680, up from 620

• Borrowed down payments will no longer be allowed The changes will go into effect from July 1st, 2020.

Using the current mortgage qualifying rate of 4.94% and GDS limit of 39, a family with an annual income of $100,000 and a 10% down payment would have qualified for a home valued at $524,980.

Under the new GDS limit of 35, the same household can now only afford a home of $462,860. This is a decrease in buying power of almost 12%, all due to the change in the GDS limit.



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